Monsters Like Us

Do you ever find yourself watching a television show and being forced to scoff at some ridiculous circumstance that makes little-to-no sense? Like a character apparently jumping out of a car at the last second before an explosion, despite the camera angle not allowing for such an event? Of course, even if they had managed to jump out, there are one hundred and one other things that should happen; they should have their eardrums blown out, for example. Also, that doesn’t even touch on the fact that a car exploding in the first place is a highly unlikely circumstance, but I’ve strayed from the point. You know that sudden loss of one’s willing suspension of disbelief that makes some television difficult to watch?

Well, sometimes, I get that with the nightly news. Maybe it’s a product of my sheltered upbringing, of ten years spent running from the Tree Walker or of four years spent in the same house, but some things I see on the news just seem incredible. How did Strauss-Kahn think he could get away with raping that poor woman? What possessed the Secret Service to interrogate a 13-year-old over a Facebook post expressing concern for the President’s well-being? What the hell do people see in Jedward?

Honestly, watching their Eurovision performance made me want to sew my eyes shut. Not that I did, for reasons both obvious and not. The pain. The impairment of sight. The risk of infection. The things I see when I close my eyes. The screams.

The world seems to be coming apart at the seams more than usual lately. It was always a hellhole but it seems to be even moreso these days. I suppose that, much like a human mind, there’s only so much tension that a stitch can take before it breaks. Poverty, war, rape, corruption, apathy to the above. Who needs the Tree Walker when you have monsters like us, eh?


One comment on “Monsters Like Us

  1. Broeckchen says:

    Ooh boy, that again…
    You see, a lot of people say that. Recently, a friend of mine even called humans spiteful. But as much as humans do wrong and bad things, there are so many of them who fight for good things, too.
    Shortly before you heard the news of that one rape, your nurse came over to you like she does every day. She doesn’t do that for the money alone. She became a nurse because she wanted to do something good. And while that man raped a woman once, she does her job every day, caring for people who can’t do it themselves.

    For every heavy crime a person commits, there’s one person fighting against the extinction of an animal or plant, against the abuse of living beings, against the pollution of our planet and against unjustice or suffering among men.
    For every little crime, there’s a parent or sibling who raises their child or sibling with love and care. A nurse or doctor who brings back health to the sick and happiness to the sicker. A policeman who fights that crime and a firefighter who rescues people in distress.

    People tend to look at the evil and bad first. I don’t deny that it exists and that it is shockingly intense. But I can’t just let someone call humans monsters or spiteful – because monsters don’t do good. And that’s what a lot of humans do.

    Maybe I think so because I come from a country with a really marbled past. Germany started two wars, pulling the whole world into them, and lost them both after it had damaged so incredibly much. Since then, the Germans don’t dare loving their own country and past anymore. But people often forget, that Germans were also the ones having the most peaceful revolution I know of: When the country was divided in East and West, the people united to long walks through the city and to secret and skilled flights from the East side. They never fought, they never hurt, they never killed, although many of them were injured, imprisoned and killed for participating. Yet, they just became more and more, until the government couldn’t resist their demands anymore – and the people tore the wall within Germany down.

    We are not monsters. We have monsters within us, but everyone of those monsters is accompanied by an angel – and we choose for ourselves what we are going to be.

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