A Glass of Red Wine

A glass of red wine is an interesting thing. There’s something special about red wine, something you just can’t find in white or rosé. Certainly the others are delightful drinks but red wine…red wine is more than that. When you see white or rosé wine in an advertisement, you think, “Oh yes, that looks nice.”, but when you a glass of red wine…it’s striking. It catches the eye, somehow.

Maybe it’s the colour. Red wine is very close in colour to blood. Perhaps we feel a resonance with it, as if it’s merely un vaso de sangre that we’ve misplaced from our bodies; a little extra lifeblood to warm the heart. Is there a danger to it too, a thrill? Red wine on a white carpet spills so dramatically, like blood at a murder scene. Does it appeal to our inner animality? The blood of the feast! The red wine of the battlefield!

Did you know that red wine catches the light of a fire beautifully? Sometime, make some time to sit down by a roaring fire and raise a glass of red wine until it catches the light just so. Another harmony? A trinity even? Fire, wine and blood. The fire in the wine, the wine in the blood and the blood in the fire.

Perhaps it’s because they fulfill our three base desires; food, drink and destruction. Perhaps they represent something of man. Or perhaps it’s because fire, wine and blood are the three things that broken men try to bury their memories beneath.


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