Walking With A Dead Man’s Cane

I received a phone call from Winston today. Apparently my nurse had to attend a funeral and he just wanted to check up on me. Very kind of him.

I told him about this blog. He couldn’t fathom why I’d want to draw such attention to myself. Not that I would expect any more or less from Winston; he’s very much a…how do I put this? A bit of a Rick Blaine, if any of you have seen Casablanca. “I stick my neck out for nobody!” is practically the Ramsey family motto. The only difference is that I don’t see love redeeming Winston Ramsey in the foreseeable future.

He was kind enough to give me an update on Benjamin. He won’t talk to me anymore, so I have to get all the latest news second hand from Winston. Apparently Benjamin is turning into a bit of a local myth himself. You know the kind of thing, children see a creepy house and tell other children that the resident is an ancient wizard and dare each other to knock on the door and other such nonsense. They call him Der Mann mit dem Gehstock – the Man with the Cane – because he goes out walking in the Black Forest every day with a rather ornate-looking cane. It used to belong to Hans, before he was killed. Ever since that day, I’ve wondered why Benjamin kept it. Does he see it as a trophy, a prize piece, a relic of his greatest excursion? Does he attach some signifiance to it, sentimental, symbolic or otherwise? Does he think it can protect him from the Tree Walker? Winston doesn’t know, or says he doesn’t, at least.

I wonder though. I really do wonder.


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