Wow, this little drug cocktail that Dr. Millard has me on is great. I feel so happy and light. I’m also cold, but in a soothing way, like drinking an iced tea at the edge of a pool on a summer’s day.

Allowing me to self-dose may not have been the best decision in the world, however. I gave myself a lovely dose of painkiller earlier that really relaxed me but also made my see the Tree Walker in my room, which is impossible, because he never crosses the line of thistle and weeds. If I’m not safe in my home, I’m not safe anywhere, and I’m safe in my home. I am. I know I am.

Oh dear, I’m starting to drift off. I can see him in the room again but it’s okay, because I know it’s not really him. It can’t be him. He never crosses the line. I’m safe in my home. He can’t come in here. He can’t get me. I know he can’t.

Don’t I?


One comment on “Gnosis

  1. aromanstory says:

    Of course he can’t.

    There’s no way he can.

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