Victim #5

The final victim. The closing act of Benjamin’s circus of psychosis.

Benjamin brought us along when he decided to explain everything to him personally. All the other murders, they had been for him. Benjamin had eliminated everyone who threatened him, everyone who had hurt him. There was nothing left to stop him dominating the toy market, nothing left to stop him reigning supreme. Nothing but Benjamin.

He was horrified. How could Benjamin do this? He had respected that rival, he had loved that ex-wife. They were parts of his life. Had he anything to do with the ex-fianceé’s boyfriend’s death? What madness had he been consumed with? What had possessed him to–

Benjamin snapped again. He beat his father to death with Hans’s cane. That’s when Winston and I turned on him. Now we had the leverage. We argued intensely but, in the end, Benjamin had lost. We went our separate ways. It was the end of ten years of comraderie and conflict.

A month later, I bought my publishing house and started down the same road all over again.


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