The First Day, or Eight

When I think about how those ten years ended, I have to think back to when they started; the 30th of June, 1993.

We awoke just after midnight to make our preparations. We packed up all the food and equipment we would need for the expedition, which was to last only eight days. I made a big deal of packing a large bag of aniseed balls, since this was back in the days when I didn’t have a nurse putting them up on a shelf out of my way. Benjamin brought what was then considered a very modern camera, hoping to catch the Tree Walker on film. Winston brought a large rifle, just in case. Hans brought his cane.

We spent eight days in the Black Forest. At the end of those eight days, we emerged sans Hans, Benjamin’s camera in pieces somewhere in that vast expanse and Hans’s cane in his hand. We emerged eight days later into the white snow…

…of February 23rd, 1994.


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