Um, this is Hannah, Marcus’s nurse. He gave me the login details to this blog a couple months back in case something happened to him. Which it obviously has, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting here.

Marcus is in a coma. A few nights ago, he drank heavily for several hours before trying to drive off his property in his specially-fitted car. Unfortunately, he crashed into a tree. Well…that’s not entirely definite. The damage to the car and to Marcus were both consistent with hitting a tree, the least of all being the front of the car being more or less wrapped around a tree. Sort of. That’s the way the bonnet looks, is what I’m trying to say. Only…well, there’s no tree where Marcus crashed. It was in the middle of his garden.

Yeah, I know that sounds crazy but that’s what happened. Everyone is baffled. Well, except Marcus. He’s in a coma. And me, but that’s another story.

Anyway, yeah, to whoever’s reading this, that’s what happened. Marcus is still being cared for here at the mansion. It’s expensive but Marcus can foot the bill. Or well, technically, I guess I’m footing the bill, since Marcus’s legal documents specify that in the event of his death or incapacitation, I have power of attorney. But it’s all the same, really. At any rate, I’m living in the house full time until Marcus wakes up. I’m not going to awkwardly correct myself this time. I know Marcus will wake up. He’s too stubborn to stay in a coma. He’ll probably get up one of these days and ask me why I didn’t wake him from his nap.


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