Marcus left a few instructions for any eventualities in which he couldn’t access this blog but wasn’t dead. I was to keep you all updated on his condition, for one thing. He’s fragile. He’s on a lot of machines. I don’t like spending too much time in his room, to be honest. I don’t like all the tubes and wires.

He also left instructions to use this blog to vent if I want, but not to look through it. What a fool. He thinks I don’t know already. I’ve been coming here almost every day for nearly four years and he thinks he’s been sly and cunning enough to keep me out of his trouble? I know all about his friend from the Black Forest. He thinks he’s been clever to keep me safe. He can’t even figure out how to get a jar of aniseed balls down from the top of the fridge without me noticing. I’ve got my own problems with the Tree Walker, alright, but I deal with them and keep up my work. It helps that Winston pays me enough that I can survive just working for Marcus.

Anyway, that’s my obligations to Marcus made for today. I’ll keep you all posted.


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