Question and Answer

After finally taking the time to read over what happened in my absence, I came to the post about Benjamin. Hannah was gone out for a drive, so she didn’t hear my roar of outrage. Just the idea of that pathetic worm of a man daring to even approach my home makes me angry, but knowing that he came into my house while I was in a coma is truly nauseating. After reading the post, my first instinct was to call Hannah but I reconsidered; what help would she be in figuring out what Benjamin was doing?

So, instead, I called Winston and got him to call Benjamin, because I’m a petty old man who won’t talk to the old friends he fell out with. After a telecommunications relay race, I got the answer I was looking for; Benjamin doesn’t think I’m going to last more than a month and a half and he wanted to say a final goodbye but knew if I saw him in person, I’d probably take out a handgun and shoot him, so he took advantage of my unconsciousness to do the deed. As to why Benjamin thinks I’m at the end of the tether, I have no idea but I don’t think he’s wrong.

In other, less exciting news, I decided to change the blog’s theme so you can tell who’s posting, since the old theme didn’t actually indicate either way.


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