Faces are incredibly important. You say a lot more with your face than you do with your tongue. Faces are books and, if not carefully written, a person’s entire being can be read in their face. Winston Churchill was once asked if he thought history would be kind to him. He responded it would be, as he intended to write it. Joseph Goebbels, in his diaries, realised, at a certain point, that when the victors wrote the history books, he wouldn’t be getting a writing credit, so he started writing nothing but the bald-faced truth about himself; he lay his madness out in black ink for all to read. Churchill and Goebbels were both racists, anti-Semites, conservatives and propaganda masters. The core difference between them, apart from the fact that Churchill was fat and British, while Goebbels was thin and German, was that, in the end, when it came to writing history, Winston Churchill wrote what he wanted other people to read and Joseph Goebbels wrote the truth.

For almost my entire life, I have been Churchill, carefully writing my face until only the most skilled of readers were able to see between the lines. Readers like Laura, Hannah, Kiera and Benjamin. They could see the truth. No matter how much Winston Churchill wrote favourably about himself, there were always those who could see that, behind it all, he was not so different from Joseph Goebbels and, no matter how carefully I write my face, there have always been those few who could see that, behind it all, I’m not so different from Benjamin Vanderwaal. We’re both arrogant, disregarding of other people, see intelligence as a virtue and lack of it as a vice, and, in the end, I like to think that both of us cut ourselves off from the world because we were sick of having other people caught in our crossfire. I like to think that’s the real reason Benjamin went to live on the edge of the Black Forest. For all I know, though, I could just be Churchill writing a book that puts Goebbels in a good light.

Faces are incredibly important and it’s time that I showed you mine. It’s time for me to stop writing propaganda and start writing the truth.

Life is not bad, but it’s not good either. Life is neutral. Life is objective. Life is fair. Everyone in life is equal. Everyone in human society is not. Life is not unfair, people are unfair. The world is an imbalanced scales; on one side sit the Many and on the other side sit the Few, and the more people that the Few can push off their side on to the Many’s side, the higher they get lifted until the scales tip over and the whole thing starts over again. There is a darkness lurking in our world, a darkness with many names and many faces, but nameless and faceless all the same. But that darkness does not even begin to compare to the darkness in the hearts of men. The nameless, faceless darkness is kin of that darkness and you can bet your sorry ass that it exploits it at every available opportunity. That’s why, in the end, we cannot defeat the darkness lurking in our world. We’re too busy destroying each other with the darkness lurking in our own hearts to mount anything more than a feeble resistance.

The darkness lurking in our world and the darkness lurking in our hearts are unfathomable and unstoppable. We cannot even begin to fight them because we cannot even begin to understand them. Faces are incredibly important and that is why we cannot hope to destroy the faceless. If we cannot read their faces, we cannot comprehend their motives and actions, and if we cannot comprehend their motives and actions, then we cannot stop them. We’re going to lose. We’re always going to lose. And it’s our own fault. Everytime we end up toe-to-toe with the darkness, we shoot ourselves in the foot. We’re going to die and we’re going to deserve it.


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