A Most Rough Beast

If I told you that after my post yesterday, the Tree Walker politely knocked on my door and asked if he could come in for a cup of tea, it would possibly be less strange than what actually happened.

After the last post, I thought I was done for, so I went to meet my death with dignity. I stood at the double doors leading into my foyer and waited for…something. I don’t know what I was expecting. The last thing I was expecting was for the solid oak doors to be splintered before my eyes by the Tree Walker’s flailing tentacles. I can’t remember the last time I saw it so close. It was radiating indignant rage, as if the sight of wood desecrated and turned against it had offended it deeply. Suddenly, it started advancing again and I panickedly started retreating backwards, only for one of the wheels to catch, causing it to tip over and sending me sprawling to the floor. I recovered as quickly as I could and started pulling myself along the ground with my arms, doing everything I could think of to get away from the certain death coming towards me. Everything I could think of wasn’t enough. I looked over my shoulder once to see how close it was and took the sharp tip of a shadowy tendril to the chin with enough force to send me flying through the air into a Victorian mirror, which smashed to pieces and covered me with nicks and cuts as the shards fell. I didn’t get a chance to fall, however, as another tentacle had appeared from the cloud and pinned me to the shattered remains of the mirror by my neck. The Tree Walker had never been so aggressive before, and it only got worse as it picked me up by the neck and started slamming me against walls and doorframes.

I was beginning to lose consciousness just as it turned suddenly and sent me skidding across the marble floor of the foyer. My funny bone hit off a corner and exquisite pain rocked my whole arm, jolting me awake just long enough to see Hannah stepping through the debris, shouting and screaming at the Tree Walker. Suddenly, a thick fog seemed to appear from nowhere and spew into everywhere. When it passed, a few moments later, the Tree Walker was gone and so was the last bit of energy I had. I finally succumbed to the growing darkness of my vision.

I woke up this morning achey and sore but otherwise fine. I’m still struggling to understand what happened. I’ve never seen it so hostile and angry before. Something has changed and I don’t know why.


2 comments on “A Most Rough Beast

  1. Jean says:

    Please do try to survive. I, too, would hate to see the “intelligent person-to-unlearned idiot” ratio shift unfavourably.

  2. I shall in all my best obey you, madam.

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