Marcus asked me to try and explain what happened yesterday. Not the bit about the Tree Walker being violent; that’s just too far beyond my scope to even begin to explain. Not that it hasn’t been violent before. I guess, it’s not the violence but the proactivity of the violence. Usually it manipulates from afar, threatens from a distance. At least, that’s been the case with both myself and Marcus. For the Tree Walker to tear down the front door of the mansion and started physically attacking Marcus is just…strange.

But that strangeness doesn’t even begin to compare to the utter bizarreness of the Tree Walker retreating after I shouted at it. It isn’t like I shouted anything in particular. It was mostly just different permutations of “get away from him, you faceless freak”. I can’t forget the way it looked at me though. An odd tilt of the head, like it was looking at me in a new light. Well, that’s what I would have thought if a human had looked at me that way. When talking about something like the Tree Walker, it might not be so obvious.


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