Marcus has gotten very morose again since he posted about those weird coma dreams. No offence to the man, but him engaging in sexual relations with a headless woman was a mental image I could do without. But the mental trauma of imagining that old windbag banging some chick wasn’t what I came here to discuss.

Marcus isn’t going to like this, but after I found the Radau page, I started doing my own research into German folklore and didn’t stop when he went on his monologue about how the research was pointless and futile. Even if I don’t learn any practical knowledge, it’s damn interesting and a welcome distraction from the pressures of life in the Tree Walker’s shadow.

I’ve been focusing my research on finding connections between the Radau and the Black Forest. There are few if any. The only thing of major interest I’ve found is a photocopy of a half-rotted manuscript that spoke of two ancient seats of power, one called Torfhaus and the other called Nebelfort. Nebelfort doesn’t seem to be a real place but Torfhaus is. In fact, it’s where the Radau rises. According to his manuscript, Torfhaus is the seat of the power of man, where the Last Human King sleeps an enchanted sleep, waiting for the time when he will be called forth one final time to do battle with his mortal foe, he who sits on the seat of the power of fairies, the First Fairy King. The manuscript describes him as a faceless abomination who dwells in shadow.

I feel like I’m on to something here. Though Marcus will probably swear otherwise.


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