Marcus made dinner today, for the first time since I met him. It wasn’t a frozen dinner either, three home-made courses. Chicken and mushroom vol-au-vents to start, fuisili carbonara as the main and, for dessert, the richest, most delicious bannoffee pie I’ve ever had in my life. A nice chianti too. Who knew Marcus had it in him? Hopefully this will become a regular thing because that was a delicious dinner.

He also had a little monologue on how much he appreciates everything I’ve done for him over the past four years and gave me a four-day weekend off, starting tomorrow. I argued, of course, but he promised he would be fine on his own and that he’d call me if anything went wrong, so I reluctantly accepted.

Now, I’m at home, relaxing and reminiscing. Marcus really got a burst of life into his tired old bones this week. It was nice to see him how he used to be.


One comment on “Cena

  1. Ben says:

    I’m probably just being a pessimist and jumping to conclusions, but I’m seeing some red flags here. Marcus said Laura and Kiera are safe now. He said everything is almost complete. Now this. Maybe he gave you the vacation so you won’t be there to stop him from dying.
    Hopefully I’m wrong.

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