I can’t believe I let this happen. He’s fucking gone. I always thought he’d get through somehow. Hell, if he’d outlived me, I wouldn’t have been too surprised. Although, it would be hard to be surprised if I was dead, but you get my point.

He left me a note.


A choice now lies before you. You can stop where you are and continue to endure or you can keep going down the garden path of knowledge and end up among the fairies, which I can assure you is a very bad place. If you follow the former, you will probably live a long, if not happy or healthy, life. If you follow the latter, your time on this planet will be shortened considerably but that short remainder of your life will be energetic and full of purpose. I chose to go down the garden path and now the fairies I found there have taken me away. Perhaps you would be able to do better than I did. Perhaps not. Only you can know what your next move is.

Before I go, I would thank you for care and friendship over the past four years. It was truly a pleasure to know you. Since you are unlikely to find my body, you should have me declared legally dead as soon as possible. It’s best to leave as few loose threads as possible, I find.

With love,



One comment on “Survivor

  1. Ben says:

    I should’ve said something sooner too, though.

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