My application for a speedy declaration of legal death was approved. In the eyes of the law, Marcus is dead, which is good because I started mailing the stuff he left in his will a week ago.

  • All the money from Marcus’s life assurance plan, plus all the money in his bank accounts that has not been otherwise allocated, has been donated to a paraplegia charity.
  • I’ve been left the house, the surrounding lands, all of Marcus’s cars and a sum of $200, 000 to spend as I please. That’s enough to pay off my mortgage and still have a decent bit left over for myself.
  • A large catalogue of items belonging to Laura have been left to her mother, Madonna Espinosa, as well as a half a million dollars, the publishing rights to all of Laura’s books and several boxes of photographs of Laura.
  • Someone called Ed Summanus has been left a bound collection of his own poetry, an antique sceptre of some kind and a photo of he and Marcus at some sort of conference.
  • The mother of Terrence MacNamara has been left the original copy of her son’s novel and a sum of $400, 000.
  • Winston has been left a number of the books from Marcus’s library, mostly Victorian erotica and explorer’s journals.
  • Benjamin has been left a very valuable wine from the cellar.
  • The families of Ang Jangbu and Hans Schlueter have each been left half a million dollars.

And that’s it. Marcus Prendergast is no more. All that can have been said to have been his is no longer so. Everything has a new owner and a new purpose. All trace of the man is gone. Even his body.


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