I’m in Naples. In fact, I’m right where I’m supposed to be. When I landed, Benjamin was waiting for me. He offered to take my bags and told me to save the questions for when we arrived at the villa. I was in too much shock to object.

When we arrived, he fixed me a drink and a meal. After we were done eating, he took me to the sitting room and told me about the villa. Apparently it’s been in his mother’s family for generations. I feel so weird walking amongst all these people who’ve had luxury homes since before the USA was founded. I’m from South Central, for fuck’s sake.

After escaping the Black Forest, Benjamin, Marcus and Winston drove to the villa to plan their next move. After spending a couple of weeks here, they crossed the Mediterranean to get to Turkey, then made their way across the Middle East and Asia, over the Himalayas into India and that’s where Benjamin completely lost touch with reality and started his murder campaign. For some reason, he thought that his father’s toy company would be able to fight against the Tree Walker somehow. After the end of that episode, he moved to a small cabin on the edge of the Black Forest and started looking for Nebelfort.

He thinks there’s something in Nebelfort that could let us kill the Tree Walker. He walks the Black Forest every day, trying to reach it. I can’t even imagine that kind of dedication. When he was done telling me all this, he handed me exactly what the note I found was directing me to. A book about Nebelfort and Torfhaus. I asked him why he was helping me.

“We all have to atone for what we’ve done, Hannah. Not just Marcus.”

And then he left, leaving the keys with me.


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