I’m in a café in Torfhaus right now. I’ve got all the supplies I’m going to need in the moor, since I’m presuming more freaky mumbo jumbo is going to go down in there.

I’m starting to wonder if I’ve made a mistake. I’ve always wanted to visit Europe and now that I finally have, I’m basically preparing to go meet my death. Is sacrificing yourself for the greater good really the right thing to do if you know you’re going to fail? Which is better, to possibly do a great good with one action, or definitely do a little good with many?

Marcus rode out into the night to try and destroy the Tree Walker. He obviously failed. Did he do any good? If he did, is that good worth any more than the good he had done already, for example, by helping out Doc Cairo? Is it worth more than the good he could have potentially done with his vast economic resources? Does the fact that he tried count for anything? Do intentions matter or is it just the results?

Somehow I feel like it’s not for me to ever answer these questions. All I can do is what feels right and turning back now doesn’t feel right. It feels easy.

I’m heading out now. I may be some time.



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