The Moors (Part 4)

With the wind at my back, I made good time and it wasn’t long before I met the Radau. I reached into its ice-cold waters and felt its flow. I made my way along the banks, walking in the opposite direction. As I got closer and closer to the source, I started to gain an awareness that I was reaching the end of that part of my journey. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before a strange feeling from within told me to kneel down and reach into the water. When I pulled my hand out, it was clasping a simple woodman’s axe with a rough, wooden handle and a smooth, metal head.

I held the axe in the moonlight and, satisfied I had found what I was looking for, stowed it away in my bag and started heading back the way I’d come. The journey did not take me back into the lands of the willow man and I was back on the boardwalk in what felt like no time at all. I returned to Torfhaus under the warm glow of a mountain sunrise, went to the hotel where I’d rented a room for the night, fell into bed and slept for hours.

When I awoke long after midday, I gathered together the few belongings that I’d brought with me, checked out and went to a café for a very late breakfast, then typed up everything that happened on Torfhaus Moor.

Now, I’m waiting for the bus back to Wolfsburg. I’ll post again somewhere between here and the Black Forest to let you know how I’m doing. Until then, guys.


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