The Longest Night

One year and one day ago, a man called Timothy Holiday tried to fight the darkness. He set off into the night with a mask and a sword to kill a monster. He failed.

How many have tried to strike against him and fallen? Too many. And why is it always the best of us? Why is it always those who have dedicated themselves to the highest moral cause, the cause of all mankind? Those brave few who alone are capable of overcoming base human nature and standing against evil in the name of all humanity; those who are brave not because they stand without fear but because they stand in spite of it.

We find ourselves in dark times, friends. We find ourselves acquainted with the night, an oppressive and brutally cold night that binds us with ropes and chains and tries to make us bend and break. It would be so easy to turn our backs on the world, too easy. But we cannot. Though it pains us, we have to keep caring about the world. Those who die trying to fight the darkness are not the only martyrs. Those of us who endure the evils of this world and do not succumb to them are martyrs too and we must continue to be martyrs because if we are not willing to martyr ourselves to the cause of humanity, who is? If we who have seen the darkness at the heart of the abyss will not stand for our race, then who of the ignorant will?

Our memories of the failure, fall and final end of the man called Timothy Holiday, the hero called Zero, are painful memories. But they are memories worth keeping and worth remembering. We can never forget those who have gone before us. If we do, we risk forgetting ourselves. I know that all too well. Remember Zero, friends. Remember all who have given their lives, but remember also those for whom they gave them.

Take on the armour of the light of the greatest cause anyone can ever fight for and you will be able to withstand the evil of this night, the longest night of all existence. Take on the armour of man and, when this is all over, you will be able to stand, not as a martyr, not as a survivor, but as a victor. Take on this armour and we will succeed. Eventually, we will succeed.


5 comments on “The Longest Night

  1. R. Easton says:

    Man, and my friends say I’m pretentious.

    I see where you’re coming from with this, but take a look around. The world is awful. People like zero (oh my god, why is everyone sucking his festering cock today? Between you, Ella, and Maurice… Is this some sort of event for you people?) come around once in a very long while, taking a stand for truth, justice, and the American way. We all see what happens to those sorts. The world takes them, breaks them down, and throws them into an early grave.

    There’s no point to it. The world will destroy you, and no one gains a thing. Your bright and shining armor exists solely to be covered in mud while your dreams crash around you. That’s the great joke.

    We’re all just here to die. Why make it worse on yourself?

    • Benjamin Vanderwaal says:

      Because some of us aren’t that pathetic, cowardly and self-obsessed. Some of us care enough about other people that we’re willing to endure the pain if it makes their lives easier.

      And for the record, kid, I’d rather suck Zero’s festering cock than be such a repulsive little twerp that the only cock I can find to suck is my own.

      • R. Easton says:

        It’s not pathetic, cowardly, or self-obsessed. It’s just smart. Why martyr yourself for people who don’t care in a battle you cannot win, where your goals are unreachable? Those same people you would fight for would just as quickly stab you in the back if the price was right. That’s just the way the world works.

        But what do I know? I gotta go use this newfound flexibility of mine to autofelatiate. I’m sure that’ll be far more fun than listening to you preach.

      • Benjamin Vanderwaal says:

        The world only works that way because people like you aren’t willing to stand up and change it. There are no unreachable goals, simply too many people unwilling to pursue them.

        Yeah, yeah, of course you’re running away. Narrow minds can’t take big ideas.

  2. Freedomcaged says:

    Idealistic and eloquent, very good, and that’s one of my favorite songs, I’ll keep an eye here for sure.

    See you around

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