First Impressions

Today, I got my first set of arrivals. I was in the library reading a book about serial killers when I heard the crunch of gravel as a blue Honda sedan pulled up outside my front door. I got up to greet my three visitors; Elaine, Elliott and Emily of the Take the Myth and 23 Seconds blogs. They were an odd sight to behold. Well, Elaine and Elliott matched pretty well, she with her flame-coloured hair and tattoos, he with his multicoloured bangs and piercings, but Emily seemed a tad out of place with her curly brown locks.

As the three approached, Elaine limping, Elliott slouching and Emily rocketing towards me to engage in what I believe is referred to as a “glomp”, I was glad I had food waiting; even Elaine, though much fuller-figured than her companions, looked like she had recently lost a huge amount of weight and all three were like specters in their clothing. Once Emily was done hugging me and thanking me for having them over for Christmas, I brought them in for generic junk food (chicken wings, potato wedges, cheese sticks, etc.) while I finished putting together the roast pork dinner. After the appetisers, I sent the two adults off to pick room for themselves while the child entertained herself by running around the ground floor and asking me about any minor interest she came across.

When dinner was served, Emily and Elliott devoured everything I put before them, as one would expect, though Elaine was more of the “pick at it half-heartedly” variety of eater, though I’m not sure that that wasn’t just her being put off by the fact that her long sleeves kept getting in the gravy.

After dinner, they went to watch a movie in the media room while I went to the library to do some research. Judging by the occasional echoes of laughter travelling through the house, I’m guessing they’re enjoying themselves. I’m glad. However, I am tired and wanting sleep, so I shall be the old man that I am and retire early. Good night.


One comment on “First Impressions

  1. R. Easton says:

    oh look at you mr charitable handing out all the gifts to the little tortured souls who come running to you. ho ho ho who wouldnt go right off the deep end at such a sickening display of pointlessness.

    merry christmas martyr.

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