A Point of View

Yesterday, Elaine went to try and find some friends of hers who apparently also live in Vermont. Apparently it didn’t go well for her because she came back here very upset and locked herself in a room with a big bottle of rum. I didn’t like that anyway but when I saw the little Emily looked upset about it, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went upstairs, made Elaine open the door then sat her down and gave her a good dressing-down. She tried to act like her drinking was the only problem but I told her I’d noticed her not eating properly. She tried to defend herself by saying she wasn’t directly harming herself but then I pointed out that just because wasn’t directly harming Emily didn’t mean she wasn’t harming Emily either.

She tried to appeal to my past, saying that I of all people should understand guilt. She’s right, I do understand guilt and that’s why I had to try and stop her hurting herself. After further words were exchanged, she said she would eat more but she said it without even looking at me, so I could tell she was lying. In the interest of doing the best I could for Emily, I made a deal with Elaine; if she promised to start eating properly, I would do anything she wanted for her as long as it was in my power. She took the deal and asked for two hours alone with me during which I would have to answer every single question she asked completely honestly. I agreed straight away.

However, we are not doing the interview for another few hours and it won’t be posted until tomorrow. I want to find Marcus’s old tape recorder first, so I can record this conversation for posterity; I have a feeling that she’s going to ask the kind of questions I only want to answer once.


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