Running Again

My guests have left again. They were rushing, saying they had important business in California. I gave them Jean’s cheque to cover their expenses. They seemed like they’d need it more. Things have otherwise been pretty quiet here. Waiting on a new visitor.



I was rereading the great Irish epic Táin Bó Cuailnge when the doorbell announced my new visitors. They asked me not to give their names and I’m obliging them. They are a father and daughter and apparently their son/brother was a blogger who met an unfortunate end, so they don’t really trust the blogs anymore. Understandable, I suppose. Of course, it probably wasn’t the blog that killed him, but, I digress, I shall respect their wishes. I have nothing to report other than that, so I shan’t labour over this post any longer. Until next time.

Erat, Est, Erit

I was sitting in the kitchen today, eating a sandwich, when Jean popped her head around the corner, said a hurried goodbye and referred to leaving something in the library. Then, before I could even respond she was gone. As it turns out, she left a cheque to cover her expenses, as if I was keeping track of her accounts. I’m obviously not going to take it, so I’ll probably just end up giving it to whoever shows up here next.

Jean, if you’re reading this, it was lovely having you and thank you for all your help, even if we didn’t really get very far. I wish you luck in the future.

Actiones Futiles

For the past two days, Jean and I have been working on trying to open the door to the corridor behind the bookcase with little success. The body of information she has gathered is impressive. Most of it comes from a very large tome called Asperio Ostium but there are scraps from other books and Marcus’s notes as well. We started with the more occultish and ritualistic methods, simply because we were more skeptical of them and wanted to get them out of the way. No spells or incantations or what have you produced a door behind the bookcase, so we decided to shelve the magic/magyk/magicka/whatever and concentrate on more science-based approaches, which ultimately proved equally fruitless. After exhausting most of our ideas, Jean was understandably frustrated and tossed the Asperio Ostium across the room in a fit of rage. I swear the colour drained from her face when she did it and she ran to get it.

When she came back, the light caught her in a way that really highlighted how sickly she’s looking and I felt the need to comment, which led to this brief but memorable (to me, at least) exchange;

“Jean, calm down, you’re only going to end up hurting yourself.”

“At least it means I can still be hurt. I’ll take my chances.”

“How many chances do you think self-abusing alcoholics get?”


I knew better than to press the argument. After that, we tried a few more desperate ideas but they didn’t work. As of now, it looks like I’m not going to be getting the answers I want anytime soon.

Memoriae Atramentorum

It seems like Jean has managed to make some progress in the library. I think giving her access to Marcus’s files might have made things easier on her. She even agreed to have dinner with me today, which I attributed to a somewhat happy air about her after emerging from the library. I decided to make something more than just decent for us and Jean even actually ate some of the sauteéd potatoes. When I asked her about her progress in the library, she only seemed interested in the information I was looking for, which struck me as strange, but nothing worth creating uncomfortable conversation about. She told me she would call me later when she had all the information she has found organised.

Speak of the Devil. She just called, so hopefully some progress has been made. I’ll update tomorrow or perhaps the day after.

Spes et Veritas

Today, I decided to approach Jean about my problem. As I mentioned before in my interview with Elaine, one thing that’s bothered me since Hannah sacrificed herself in the Black Forest is that I never actually found out what happened there. I think we’re all smart enough to realise that the mountain fortress that Hannah visited on two occasions by way of the corridor behind the bookcase is Nebelfort and therefore, in theory, I should be able to get there myself, if not to fight the Tree Walker, then at least to find out what happened to her.

Unfortunately, as we’ve seen before, the corridor appears to either have a mind of its own or be under the sway of the Tree Walker, so it, quite predictably, is currently not there. I approached Jean today hoping she had come across something involving magical doors.

By an amazing coincidence, she just happened to be reading a book of that nature when I asked and she said that she would let me know when she was done compiling information on that topic. While I was there, I offered to cook her dinner, but she declined and so, not wanting to waste my finer ingredients on just something for me, I ended up making some spaghetti bolognese. Luckily, I think Jean decided to consider taking up a room because I ran into her on the third floor when I went to have a shower. Well, she said she was looking for a book that seemed to have been taken from the library but I think that might have just been her pride speaking for her.

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, so I’m going to watch Dancing at Lughnasa in the media room. Until next time.

Altum Videtur

I was reading a catalogue of antique books when my latest guest arrived. Jean Domremy of the Vivere Disce blog is visiting with me for a few days.

She is continuing her search for books with information on the Tree Walker and wanted to see if Marcus’s library might hold some interest for her in that regard. As it happens, there’s also some information that I’m hoping might be contained within the library, so having Jean here should be advantageous, given her skill at locating specific tomes.

Jean is obviously eager to get to work; when she arrived, the first thing she asked for was where the library was and I got the distinct impression that she fully intended to spend her time here sleeping on the couch there. Of course, I offered her the room of her choice and all the amenities I have on board. After all, even a relic hunter of her calibre is going to need a few days to make any kind of a dent in Marcus’s library. I’m not entirely sure she’s actually going to take me up on those offers but you can’t say I didn’t try.

Since she arrived, Jean has done three things; read, smoke and, for a brief few minutes, eat. She’s always kind enough to go outside to smoke even though I said it didn’t bother me if she smoked inside. Her progress just today has been quite impressive. I’ve decided to leave her to her own devices for now before pestering with my petty concerns. At any rate, I’m hoping this will be a profitable partnership.