Altum Videtur

I was reading a catalogue of antique books when my latest guest arrived. Jean Domremy of the Vivere Disce blog is visiting with me for a few days.

She is continuing her search for books with information on the Tree Walker and wanted to see if Marcus’s library might hold some interest for her in that regard. As it happens, there’s also some information that I’m hoping might be contained within the library, so having Jean here should be advantageous, given her skill at locating specific tomes.

Jean is obviously eager to get to work; when she arrived, the first thing she asked for was where the library was and I got the distinct impression that she fully intended to spend her time here sleeping on the couch there. Of course, I offered her the room of her choice and all the amenities I have on board. After all, even a relic hunter of her calibre is going to need a few days to make any kind of a dent in Marcus’s library. I’m not entirely sure she’s actually going to take me up on those offers but you can’t say I didn’t try.

Since she arrived, Jean has done three things; read, smoke and, for a brief few minutes, eat. She’s always kind enough to go outside to smoke even though I said it didn’t bother me if she smoked inside. Her progress just today has been quite impressive. I’ve decided to leave her to her own devices for now before pestering with my petty concerns. At any rate, I’m hoping this will be a profitable partnership.


One comment on “Altum Videtur

  1. Jean says:

    Thank you for the workspace- it has already been proven useful.

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