A Little Drop of Poison

I got my new visitor today. I was upstairs reading a book on the history of identity theft when I heard, if you’ll believe it, a van hitting my wall. Of course, I dropped the book immediately and ran downstairs and out the door to find that someone had driven a black van into my wall. I rushed over and saw a young girl in a tattered, torn dress with unkempt hair unconscious at the wheel. As quickly as I could, I wrenched the door open and dragged her inside.

Not wasting time with preserving her modesty, I quickly removed the remains of the dress. I’d been expecting something like this and everything I needed was already prepared; first I checked for trauma from the crash, but there wasn’t anything significant, lucky. I cleaned out the bullet wound on her right arm, applied an antibiotic cream and gauze, then wrapped it in bandages. Carefully as I could, I lifted her and took her to one of the spare rooms, where I’d already set up an IV drip just in case. Luckily for her, Marcus left behind plenty of medical equipment behind and I had fair warning, otherwise things mightn’t have gone so smoothly.

Rachael (of Strike the Set) is resting upstairs now. I don’t think the infection has progressed very far and her symptoms are likely being exacerbated by stress and exhaustion, so she should wake up tomorrow, hopefully. She’ll need to rest for a few days and stay on antibiotics for a few weeks but she’ll be fine.

As far as I can tell, at least.


2 comments on “A Little Drop of Poison

  1. Elaine says:

    Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.

    Please, please, take care of her. Thank you so much. Keep me posted?

    • Benjamin Vanderwaal says:

      She’s awake but still needs rest. She said something about posting tonight, I don’t know if she’s still planning to.

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