Blind Love

Rachael left yesterday. She knows what she has to do. I’m hoping that she can learn how to use her strength properly in time.

As for me, well, I saw the Tree Walker earlier. I heard noises coming from upstairs and thought that the door to the room where Thomas stayed might have blown open again (it got damaged during whatever the hell that damned dog was doing and won’t stay shut if there’s any kind of breeze), so I went up but it wasn’t open and when I looked inside, it was in the same state he’d left it (I haven’t been able to afford to fix it up so far).

It took me a minute to pinpoint the direction the noise was coming from but I eventually found myself at the door of Marcus’s study. It was in tatters and the Tree Walker was still tearing the room to pieces when it noticed me. The air got hot all of a sudden and I swear that thing roared but I know it doesn’t make noises like that so it must have roared in my mind and then suddenly I was on my back in another room because it had blown me off my feet without even touching me.

I don’t know what it was so angry about it but I’m angry because my back is killing me and I’m expecting more visitors. If anything goes wrong, things could get really hairy.


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