Carry The Black Orchid

Another one showed up today, just about to collapse, just like Rachael and Peter. His name is Arkham Jones, he’s not associated with any blog, though he mentioned reading them when he was contacting me. He’s a short, scruffy, middle-aged New Englander dressed in very tattered clothing. Apparently he was injured trying to fight off the monster in Boston and needed a place to rest for a while. He arrived suffering from some minor cuts and bruises and one serious case of dehydration, so naturally he’s also going to be recuperating here for a while. I’ll need to be careful not to let this place become a field hospital.

In other news, I’m still seeing an awful lot more of the Tree Walker than usual. It seems I can barely walk around this tired old house without seeing him lurking just behind a corner or outside a window. He’s mooching around like goddamn David Attenborough and I have no idea why. The other day, he was reducing Marcus’s study to confetti and tossing me through walls, now it’s following me around like a documentarian.

What gives!?


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