Dulcinea Reborn

I’ve been keeping both Peter and Arkham stable, which is good. I finally managed to get Natalie out of Peter’s room too, though she’s decided to replace watching Peter 24/7 with walking sombrely around the house not doing anything in particular. I’ve told her she can use the library or the media room to distract herself but she doesn’t seem to have any interest. I’m wondering if it was such a good idea to get her to leave though. The Tree Walker never seemed to bother her when she was  in the room with Peter but since she left, I’ve had to run like a madman to her aid because she’s just bumped into him while walking around the house and started screaming in pain. Apparently, just the sight of the Tree Walker gives her a headache – accidentally ending up mere feet from him while walking around the house reduces her to a weeping mess on the ground.

I wish I could help her (it is my profession, after all), but it’s not something I’ve ever seen or dealt with before. I also wish I knew what the Tree Walker was doing. He seems to be showing up more and more frequently, as if he’s filling the house with his presence until he absorbs it like an amoeba consuming a bacteria, making it part of himself…

I suddenly feel very tired. Or just light-headed, maybe? Either way, I think I need to lie down for a while. I’ll update again soon.


2 comments on “Dulcinea Reborn

  1. Elaine says:

    Ben, you should maybe think about getting the hell out of there, that doesn’t sound safe at all.

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