Twenty Minutes in a Serious House, Forty Years on a Serious Earth

The rain was falling like bullets against the window when I entered Natalie’s room. Arkham was holding her around the waist with one hand and the knife in the other was pressed hard against her neck. He smiled with his filthy yellow teeth and twisted the blade around the axis of Natalie’s flesh, just to make sure I knew that he was serious.


My question was aimed at Arkham but my eyes were fixed on Natalie. It was her scream that had called me to that place, the same screams that I’ve been answering since she arrived. He probably let her scream just to make sure he could get an audience.

“Why not?”

I’ve watched back the footage from the security camera. At this point, I tensed up and lifted my cane off the ground. Arkham didn’t notice the slight movement and it’s good that he didn’t, otherwise things would have gone horribly wrong.

Why, Arkham?”

He laughed at that. A deep, mirthful, good-natured laugh that was completely at odds with what he was doing.

“Oooh, emphasis, Benjamin? Is that supposed to make me talk? Bahahahaha, oh, you sly old dog, I’ll be fair. You did save my life after all…in a manner of speaking.”

According to the camera footage, at this stage, I took my first step forward. I don’t even remember it.

“You’ve experienced more than just about anyone the insidious nature of the monster. He drives people apart, creates conflict, destroys minds, kills. He makes things not as they should be.”

Another small step.

“Since he first started interfering in our mortal affairs, look at all the insanity that has occurred. People styling themselves as superheroes, whole towns being wiped out without anyone noticing, the dead coming back to life? These are crazy times we’re living in, Benjamin, and I am the only man who has managed to remain sane.”

The third step.

“Think about it! In all the stories we see, hear and read, when and where does the truly insane occur? We think we live in a world where the Slender Man is a god but surely if he was a god, we would have taken greater notice of him before. No, our world, the world of mortals, is one where the Slender Man does not reign supreme and unopposed, and if he seems to here, then we cannot possibly be in our own world. It’s simple logic. Don’t you see, Benjamin? We’re all in one big Labyrinth controlled by the Minotaur!”

No step.

“Hahahahaha, I see that look on your face, old boy. Doesn’t it make so much sense? You see, I’m not killing dear Natalie here, I’m freeing her. I’m not a villain, I’m a-”

I struck swiftly with my cane and struck him against the head. He fell away from her without cutting her but then I made my first mistake. I rushed to catch her as she fainted and Arkham recovered from the blow and escaped.

He’s gone.


2 comments on “Twenty Minutes in a Serious House, Forty Years on a Serious Earth

  1. Ben says:

    His argument isn’t any worse than the other stuff I hear from you folks. The conclusion he drew from it, though, that’s just dumb. You don’t get out of a Labyrinth by dying. You use thread. Sheesh.

  2. Elaine says:

    Fuck. I’m glad you’re both safe.

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