Today, my last visitor arrived. I wasn’t planning on taking anyone else in after what happened with Natalie and Arkham but I was persuaded to take just one last person in.

As the car pulled up and David emerged, I eye him suspiciously. He was only coming to drop off Ronan but I was nonetheless wary of his knowing where I live. Whatever you else  can say about David, he’s a killer from the other side and I had  no evidence to suggest he would or wouldn’t do anything but drop Ronan.

Without a word, David opened a back door to let free a man built like a bus. His proportions were tank-like and he reeked horribly of English beer. Between the two of us, David and I were able to carry him up to one of the spare rooms, officially bringing the number of patients in my little field hospital back up to three.

We left Ronan down to sleep and I made sure David knew I was only taking Ronan in for a few days at most.  He seemed accepting. I’ll update more when I can.


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