Gone, Gone, Gone

Everyone but Peter and Natalie left today. Ronan evidently felt sufficiently recovered to move along and Derek, Elaine and little Emily are evidently accompanying him for the time being. Emily was, once again, upset about having to leave and I must admit I felt a little pang when she left. I’ve grown attached to her, I think.

Natalie and Peter will be leaving themselves on Wednesday. Peter is still on a good deal of medication but I’m confident that he’ll be okay as long he watches himself. My more pressing concern at the moment is closing down the mansion. I need to get out of here and do some thinking. I need to visit important places, meet important people and do important things. Or something like that.

It was foolish of me to even try this. It’s not like anyone else who tried to establish a safehouse for the Tree Walker’s victims ever succeeded.

At any rate, my presence may be spotty for a couple of days while I sort this place out. I’ll update when I can.


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