Forever and Always

I was just reading idly over some of my old posts when something occurred to me. I don’t mention the Tree Walker all that often, do I? If anyone thinks it’s because I don’t see him much, let me disabuse you of that notion forthwith.

I see the Tree Walker all the time. He’s almost become like some sort of uncomfortable fixture in my life, something that is always there, to the extent that I am more uneasy when I don’t have some idea of where he is. He’s usually off slightly in the distance, observing, or so it seems. Of course, he sometimes gets closer, such as when he decided to toss me around the place, but no matter the gap between us, he’s almost always just there.

So, if I don’t mention the Tree Walker in a post, it’s not because I haven’t seen him. I only talk about something in a post if it differentiates from the norm and is noteworthy enough to inform you all about. Come to think of it, that means I find seeing a dark monster of immeasurable destructive power less notable than getting a nice burger.

That’s kind of tragic, isn’t it?


One comment on “Forever and Always

  1. Moe Nunbady says:

    you should consider yourself lucky regarding the regularity. for a perk such as consistently knowing the whereabouts, most would kill.

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