Minding Emily

I’m worried about her. I mean, I haven’t had tonnes of experience with children, or even people in general, but her quietness just seems unnatural. She’s even stopped crying. Now she only talks in reference to eating. She’s doing nothing but the basic necessities of life. She doesn’t talk, she doesn’t read, she doesn’t watch TV or listen to music. The only thing she does is lie in bed and amble aimlessly around the house.

It can’t be healthy but I don’t know what to do about it or even if I should do anything. The mind and the body both have a tendency to heal themselves but relying on that can’t be an option when I’m talking about the mental health of a child. That’s a risk I’m not willing to take.

What should I do? Do I bring in outside help? She doesn’t respond when I try talking to her. I’m at a loss here.


4 comments on “Minding Emily

  1. Elliott says:

    Don’t give her a choice. Get her doing something. Whatever you can get her to do. Start with chores, if you have to.

    • Benjamin Vanderwaal says:

      What am I supposed to do if she’s just not responding? I can hardly force her to do chores when she only speaks to let me know she needs food.

      • Elliott says:

        I dunno. That’s just what Elaine always did. Ask her to wash a dish so you can cook for her or something?

      • Benjamin Vanderwaal says:

        No, but she hasn’t responded to any of my other attempts to talk to her or ask her to do things, so I don’t see why it would make a difference.

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