White Soul

Today, I got my outside help. Well, the person giving the help arrived anyway, but she was injured and not in the right kind of state to be doing psych work with a child. I’m hoping she can give the help itself tomorrow. She being a prominent runner who is semi-qualified in psychology, Valerie Simmons of the blog I Am Stardust, better known as Hakurei Ryuu.

When I stopped to think of someone I trusted who could actually potentially be of help to Emily, she was the first person who jumped to mind, so I got into contact with her and she agreed to come by today. I was banking on her youth and gift for reading emotions being dealbreakers with Emily. Actually, I’m still banking on it but I won’t get to see if I’m right until tomorrow, as she turned up today having picked up a blood-soaked shoulder and some other extraneous injuries along the way. The shoulder wasn’t as bad as it looked but it needed some cleaning up and I forced Valerie to rest herself afterwards, just in case. No comments from Emily on this turn of events.

I hope she can make some progress tomorrow.


4 comments on “White Soul

  1. Moe Nunbady says:

    You realize you just gave a child to a woman whose pedigree with children is far from par?


    In the middle. 51 youths. Don’t make it 52.

    • Benjamin Vanderwaal says:

      I’m aware of her past, thanks. I’m not so incompetent a guardian that when looking for someone to assess my charge I don’t read a public blog where they share intimate details of their life. Never mind the fact that I haven’t given Emily to anyone. Both she and Valerie are in bed, here, in the house.

  2. The Gargoyle says:

    Oh f- duhh….okay… okay, that’s good. She made it into good hands then. Wish I’d noticed this sooner…

    Keep an eye on her will you? She has a habit of running off. -.-;

  3. Jean says:

    Any progress? Things didn’t go horribly wrong again, did they?

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