The Lamb and the Dragon

Valerie spent these past few days interacting with and observing Emily. I tried to stay out of her way as much as possible, which was kind of hard considering she cried in her room every night. She came to me today with her conclusions.

She reckons that Emily has a case of PTSD, almost like a shell-shocked solider but not quite as severe. She’s silent because she’s trying to comprehend everything that’s happening inside her head and has neither the energy nor interest to interact with the outside world beyond what she needs to keep living. However, Valerie says she was able to get a reaction from what she calls dialogic reading, where one reads while passing comment and asking comments from the other person involved in the dialogue. She didn’t get any words, just the occasional nod or shake of the head, but reckons that if I keep up the exercise at routine times throughout the day, I should start getting more reactions from her.

Valerie has already moved on but she’s definitely validated my faith in her and I wish her the best. Meanwhile, I got a phone call.

A: I hear you’re looking for me, Benji. Did I leave you heartbroken?

B: Sure, Arkham, let’s call it that. What do you want?

A: Wrong question, Benji. The real question is what do you want?

B: You gone.

A: Excellent. Now I know exactly what to deny you to get where I want to go.

B: Fuck you. You aren’t going anywhere. I’ve already dealt with one psycho, you’ve got a lot less going for you than Winston did

A: But you know you can’t deal with me, Benjamin. You act like it’s not true but, as your mind degrades, your certainty in reality is slipping. You’re starting to come around to my way of thinking. And in this world of his, if I die, I’ll just end up coming back again and again. I know the nature of this world. I’m too much of a threat to be allowed up there.

B: If you’re right about me, and you’re not, it doesn’t exactly provide a stunning endorsement. As the mind gets closer to falling apart, it gets closer to yours, is that it?

A: …I’m coming for you.



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