The Man Comes Around

Forgive the absence, we’ve been without power for just over a week. You can blame Arkham for that. A few days after my last post, he came in the night, blew the power somehow (the electrician explained it to me but I can’t really remember what he said) and got past the security system while it was down. I was still awake when it happened, so I was on guard immediately. The arrogant bastard decided to just waltz in the front door but I was waiting for him and lunged with my cane. Unfortunately, his night vision must be better than mine, because he dodged and stabbed me in the neck with a syringe full of sedative. I fought for a few minutes with the needle still sticking out of my neck but then the sedative hit and I had to stop and take it out in case I fell on it, which was a good decision on my part, because I hit the floor only a few seconds later.

After I fell, he took the opportunity to kick me a few times before taunting me about the things he was going to do with Emily while I watched. I won’t repeat them here because they’re obscene but, sufficed to say, if I’d been able to move, I would have made sure that Arkham never did so again. But I couldn’t, so I had to watch as he walked upstairs and started kicking open doors to find Emily’s bedroom. They were the most gut-wrenching five minutes of my life. Lying their in the dark, the only light coming from the crack in the library door where the flicker of the fireplace was shining through, waiting for something. Then I heard a gunshot and a scream.

Some seconds later, Arkham appeared again, clutching his wounded arm. Emily had used the revolver I left in her room, just as I told her. Normally, I wouldn’t have put a gun near a child but since my paranoia paid off, I don’t think I need to justify myself any further. He ran down the stairs and I saw a flash of blood in the firelight before he disappeared out the door. The sedative really started hitting me then and things went black just as Emily came down the stairs. I think she yelled at me but I couldn’t answer.

I woke up a few hours later in front of the fire. Emily had dragged me in there to keep an eye on me. When I came to, she handed my a drink and some food, which I took quickly. I think it might have been toast. At any rate, she started asking me how I was and I told her that it had only been a sedative and I was fine and that I was very proud of her and then she started crying and you can kind of imagine what happened after that, I don’t need to tell you. We’re both fine now but it’s been a bit unnerving living in this house with only the fireplace and candles for light at night. Unfortunately, I’ve still been getting messages from Arkham in my email, so apparently getting his ass handed to him by a six-year-old girl hasn’t scared him off just yet. I guess this is just the beginning.


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