Spes et Veritas

Today, I decided to approach Jean about my problem. As I mentioned before in my interview with Elaine, one thing that’s bothered me since Hannah sacrificed herself in the Black Forest is that I never actually found out what happened there. I think we’re all smart enough to realise that the mountain fortress that Hannah visited on two occasions by way of the corridor behind the bookcase is Nebelfort and therefore, in theory, I should be able to get there myself, if not to fight the Tree Walker, then at least to find out what happened to her.

Unfortunately, as we’ve seen before, the corridor appears to either have a mind of its own or be under the sway of the Tree Walker, so it, quite predictably, is currently not there. I approached Jean today hoping she had come across something involving magical doors.

By an amazing coincidence, she just happened to be reading a book of that nature when I asked and she said that she would let me know when she was done compiling information on that topic. While I was there, I offered to cook her dinner, but she declined and so, not wanting to waste my finer ingredients on just something for me, I ended up making some spaghetti bolognese. Luckily, I think Jean decided to consider taking up a room because I ran into her on the third floor when I went to have a shower. Well, she said she was looking for a book that seemed to have been taken from the library but I think that might have just been her pride speaking for her.

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, so I’m going to watch Dancing at Lughnasa in the media room. Until next time.


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